🎙️Temp Voice Channels

Let members customize their voice "room".

Command voice with subcommands:

  • setup Set the current voice as Voice Channel Creator

  • unset Unset a Creator

  • setname Set the name pattern

  • name Rename voice room

  • lock Lock room and allow all members in room

  • unlock Unlock room

  • limit Limit users in room

  • deny Deny user to connect

  • allow Allow user to see and join your room

  • transfer Transfer host

  • claim Claim non-host room

  • info Check room setting

  • reset Reset room setting

  • hide Hide your room from everyone

  • show Show room to everyone

  • softhide Hide room from blocked users

  • softshow Show room

  • block Block user and stop seeing his room, if you softhide your room then it hiden from him

  • unblock Unlock someone

  • join Join with other user voice chat no matter where they are


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